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About Cornerstone

At the core of Cornerstone’s work is a commitment to vulnerable children and families, and the organizations and professionals that serve them. Since its founding in 1994, Cornerstone has worked with local, state, and national organizations, agencies, and foundations to strengthen their capacity to solve complex problems, implement successful solutions, and improve the lives of children and families.

Cornerstone has provided an array of services to its clients, including strategic planning, organizational management and development, programmatic guidance and execution, and assistance in community engagement and revitalization efforts. Cornerstone has developed, launched, and managed groundbreaking multi-site initiatives; worked with leading foundations to maximize their investments; and provided expert managerial and technical assistance for numerous projects and programs. Cornerstone also created a non-profit designed to manage a multi-year, multi-million dollar project dedicated to improving the frontline human services workforce.

Cornerstone’s issue-area experience and expertise spans a range of human service, community health, and organizational management issues. Cornerstone’s president, Sharon Edwards, possesses significant expertise in reproductive health issues and is a nationally recognized expert on teenage pregnancy prevention.

Given the ever-increasing strain on local, state, and federal budgets, the imperative for public and private organizations and agencies to “do more with less,” the escalating stresses on the professionals who work directly with children and families, and the rising numbers of children and families made vulnerable by the worsening economy, focus in these areas is critical to ensuring that children and families get the assistance they need and that they organizations that serve them are supported in fulfilling this mission.

Cornerstone focuses on providing foundations, organizations, and agencies with the tools they need to successfully fulfill their missions. Going forward, Cornerstone will concentrate on helping organizations assess and improve their overall performance and the operation of particular programs or projects; strengthening their capacity to achieve goals; evaluating projects and programs to determine what works and inform future planning and investments; and developing and implementing issue-specific projects and agendas. While Cornerstone will continue to work with entities across many issue areas, much of its work will focus on those in the human services and reproductive health fields. 

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